IMC Rating with Sussex Flying Club

IMC Rating with Sussex Flying Club

The Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) rating is highly recommended for anyone who intends flying frequently in the UK. The rating allows the pilot to fly in a much wider range of weather conditions and greatly improves instrument and general flying proficiency. It is one of the most challenging and useful ratings you can obtain.

It will allow you to fly, or more importantly to continue to fly safely should you encounter poor visibility or conditions which may have reduced to below those required for a basic PPL. It enables you to fly safely with confidence and part of the training involves learning to fly instrument approaches at airfields.

This can be very re-assuring if the weather at your destination has got worse than you expected. It will also of course cover the use of Radio Navigation Aids which will make your navigation extremely accurate.

It is worth noting that whilst this rating is limited to flights in the UK is also counts toward the European Instrument Rating (Restricted) for those who may wish to take their flying even further.

Flight Simulator

The IMC Training Course is made up of:

• A minimum of 15 hours dual instrument flying training, of this a minimum of 10 hours is flown by sole reference to the instruments.

• A Ground Theory exam which is multiple choice questions.

• A flight test with our examiner.

(We have a fleet of the latest PA28 Warrior III aircraft which are ideal training aircraft for this course)

Before applying for this rating you must have done 10 hours since your PPL was issued, but you can start the IMC course before that.

Please call us for more details and prices.

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