Night Rating with Sussex Flying Club

Night Rating with Sussex Flying Club

The night rating is probably the most enjoyable rating to get and the one with the least training time, a minimum of five hours flight time is required to obtain this rating so it is a very short course and can be done in a couple of evenings.

The rating allows you to carry passengers at night. This opens up a whole new world of flying adventures! Flying at night is very different to daylight flying and many find it even more enjoyable.

The main reason for doing this course is that you are able to extend your flying in the winter months as you will now be able to land when it is dark; enjoying some spectacular views at the same time. Flying along the South Coast and over Brighton at night is amazing.

The Night Rating Training Course is made up of:

Total of 5 hours training, at least 3 of the hours will be with an instructor and 1 hour of this at least will be night navigation.

At the end of the course you will have also completed 5 take off and landings as Pilot in Command.

The other good news is that there is no test involved at the end of the course; just completing the course is all that is required. You can also so this course towards the end of your Pilot Training, so it really is that simple.

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